Top ten valentine's day gifts

on Saturday, October 22, 2011

These ten gifts are most important on valentine's day.
Flowers. Roses are a must! Red rose is most beautiful gift to your lover.
A card. The most romantic gift. Your lover have been wanting you to say all those sappy things, so here's your chance to let a card do it for you.
Chocolates Purchase some expensive chocolates for your lover to make her just out of world
A romantic dinner. Make reservations at a nice restaurant. Tip generously to impress your partener.
Perfumes. Buy some good quality perfume for your partener.
Music. Make a CD mix of her favorite most romantic songs. Maybe it will put her in the mood for dancing.
Jewelry. Diamonds are forever. So are rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Buy her a charm bracelet with one charm. You also can purchase some gold or silver jewelery for her.
Lingerie. Satin and lace makes a woman feel sexy. You want your partner to feel sexy, yes of course.
Interest. Show some interest in something she loves, even if you think it's difficult for you.
Long drive. Just the two of you away from home, family, work and the everyday mundane life things. Enjoy each other's company! Go on long drive.